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Whether you know it or not, you are in control, and can exercise much greater control over your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions…..the things you do, the things you say to yourself and others, the things you think, all the things that determine the quality of your life. ¬†

When you learn how to take active, conscious control over the powerful resource you were born with…..your “conscious awareness”…..you stop the endless merry-go-round of unwanted behavior, patterns, and beliefs.

Turn it on!

We offer you the keys to being in control, to living life to the fullest, through a unique experience of traditional hypnosis and cutting edge conversational neuro-physiological techniques, to eliminate unwanted or negative habits, beliefs and behaviors and achieve this high level of performance.

Do this, and learn to have the rich rewarding life you have always wanted.

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"Mark, the work you did for me was what I needed.  The presentation went extremely well, and my segment was a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Virginia, 48, Sr. ad executive, Manhattan

"I had not expected this approach but this is exactly  what I needed." Lisa, Manhattan Social Worker, 25

"Morrin, What you do in your sessions is very valuable.  You are exceptional in doing it. Yes, "exceptional" is the right word to describe it. Your presentation is very very detailed and tailored to target just exactly what I need to work on..."
Kevin C., 45, Banker

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