The Mentor/Coach Relationship

The Conversation You Have With Yourself

Your life is yours to make of it what you will.  If you are at a point where, in a sense you are having a conversation with yourself, and not getting much clarity about what you want,” the Mentor/Coach relationship” may be exactly what you are looking for. The Mentor/Coach relationship is a formal, committed relationship that provides a deeper, more objective, more informed conversation with oneself, through the engagement of another person who has your interests at heart.

The intention of a New York Awareness Center professional Mentor is to offer methods for guiding adults on their journey through periods in life when they seek greater clarity and confidence, often in times of transition. These methods are primarily educational in nature, using creative and innovative ways to help teach and instill in them the resiliency, mindset and life skills necessary to be empowered and prepared for the personal evolution and change that take place in almost every individual’s life at various times.

Morrin Bass, PhD, Preferred Women's Mentor-Coach
Mark Schwimmer Mentor-Coach, CH, CI
Your Need for Another “Informed Voice”

Mentors provide mentoring sessions and discuss pertinent matters impacting your attitudes and behaviors. These matters may include personal, peer, business, career, and family relationships, substance abuse, sex, sexual preferences, or any other matter which bears upon or impacts the pertinent issues in your life, from either your perspective or that of the Mentor.

Unconsciously Controlled By Limiting Beliefs and Values Imposed On You By Others

The four main aspects of development that are generally focused on through Mentoring are:

  • Developing a positive sense of self that is internally referenced and thus NOT dependent upon external factors to be sustained (Common external factors: approval of others, career status, financial or social status, etc)
    Much of your earlier life was designed around learning to fit in to the social norms, which meant adopting the criteria of those around you, as the evidence for what it means to be successful and happy.  Through time you became literally unaware of the constraints placed upon you by others, and have limited your ability to perform at your best.

Recognition and approval of others often conceals and consoles the awareness that you are not living authentically.

Often, as a result, you experience self-doubt, and indecision, allowing each day to serve someone or something other than your own desire to live a fuller, more satisfying life. Mentoring is designed to reveal to you and teach you how to connect with your idiosyncratic expression of authenticity, and satisfaction.  Like this you can free yourself of limiting beliefs about yourself, and your life, which may have been imposed upon you by others. When this happens you step fully into your life, and experience a larger sense of your purpose and power. Your new perspective allows you to easily eliminate the obstacles that have held you in place, and as you begin to move forward more quickly, a Mentor can help you meet the new requirements of your expanding creativity and power.

  • Taking responsibility for one’s life and being accountable for the role one plays in life events, including how to make excellent decisions based on staying true to oneself.    
    The Mentoring relationship offers you an informed voice of experience, and wisdom regarding the consequences of your action.  Your expanded awareness will enable you to more realistically confront your actions and their consequences or risks. You will begin to have more awareness of the signals in the system that are further in the future, enabling you to become aware of the impact your actions may have on others, and in the world.    Like this, your Mentor offers you the opportunity to learn to make decisions from an internally based position. Make all your decisions more authentically yours. With great confidence and understanding of consequences, and having the ability to respond to the feedback, both positive and negative, when you have this mechanism in place, your ability to create powerfully desirable results improves exponentially. 
  • Developing extensive interpersonal communication skills essential for having healthy, positive relationships. This includes making decisions about what relationships to have and how to communicate honestly and directly, as well as learning what to personalize and what not to personalize.
    Your Mentor will give you the opportunity to learn highly advanced interpersonal communication skills.  Coupled with your new awareness, you have an edge on others, and you must wield this power responsibly. The relationships you have, and how you treat them always have an impact on the future you create. In the Mentor relationship, a trusted adviser, with your interest at heart, can assist you in making decisions about what relationships to have, and how to communicate effectively and honestly, as well as how to effectively make meaning of the words and actions of others.
  • Developing the essential tools for making and keeping a commitment to things beyond oneself, be it relationships, jobs, causes, etc.
    For some, Mentoring helps them to stay focused on the commitments they make regarding all levels of everyday life, all the way to the completion of larger projects.  Through action, as you work in real world situations, certain unwanted habits, and limiting beliefs can short circuit your best intentions. You and your Mentor can work through the lens of your day to day responsibilities and commitments to redefine the purpose of various desired outcomes, and enable you to arrive at a simpler more focused approach.  This enables you to attain greater overall personal satisfaction in all areas of your life

Your Mentoring experience may focus on one or some of these aspects depending upon your needs.

It’s NOT TherapyThe Mentor Relationship

Clients we work with are psychologically and emotionally “healthy” and seek Mentoring either for difficulties due to normal life events or for growth and development, as they experience normal personal evolution during the course of life in an environment that is often changing, or in flux.

It has been said by many intelligent, enlightened individuals that today’s world values do not support the human desire for an integrated life of meaning.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”   J. Krishnamurti, philosopher, author

Your ability to function well in a dysfunctional organization, family, relationship can only be attained by becoming organically dysfunctional yourself.

The path to becoming fully conscious can be challenging and requires great commitment on your part.  Expect to have your beliefs, values and the way you have gone about making sense of the world and your place in it to be examined, and confronted.  This enables you to confront yourself, and begin to open yourself to the possibility of becoming integrated and authentic; doing the things you do, consciously, and with as much awareness of consequences as possible for you. This inevitably leads you to a level of personal integrity, well-being and satisfaction attained by few, and can be humbling in light of the reality of what it means to be fully human.

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"Morrin, What you do in your sessions is very valuable.  You are exceptional in doing it. Yes, "exceptional" is the right word to describe it. Your presentation is very very detailed and tailored to target just exactly what I need to work on..."
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