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Like most of the life stories, an innocent, hopeful young man or woman sets out to seek their fortune.Son Returns

For the young man, leaving the protection of his father, and the familiarity of his village, into the world was the rite of passage from boy to man.  Fulfilling his prime directive, he needed to be creating a means of support for a family of his own, either through an apprenticeship and attainment of a viable craft, or as a warrior within a conquering army, find a wife, and then either make his mark in the world or return to the village of his birth with a wife and child in tow, and enough money or other resources to buy land, or start a business in the village of his ancestors.

A young woman would be groomed to be a wife and a mother. She would be taught the requirements of her social status, schooled in what was necessary to meet the requirements of her husband’s position, and then sent off to live with her husband, and his family.

That’s All Changed

A Life Census

During the Roman Empire,  an approximate life expectancy at birth of 22 to 25 years was normal. In 1900, the world life expectancy at birth was approximately 30 years and in 1985 it was about 62 years, just two years short of today’s life expectancy. Life expectancy changes as one gets older. By the time a child reaches their first year, their chances of living longer increase. By the time of late adulthood, ones chances of survival to a very old age are quite good. For example, the average life expectancy people in the United States is 77.7 years, and those who live to age 65 will have an average of almost 18 additional years left to live, making their life expectancy almost 83 years.

Chart of Life Expectancy

The NEW Second Half of Life

Right now, career and job changes are more prevalent and frequent than ever. At the same time retirement age is getting later and later. Technology, and a movement in the western world from manufacturing, to service and information oriented careers; outsourcing of data based, customer service jobs, and economic fluctuations have limited viable careers to areas that require highly specific new skills, some of these which could easily become obsolete in less than a decade. While factors have changed the life span of a particular job or career, other factors have increased the average persons over years of possible career involvement.

A Collision Of Realities

 Increased life expectancy

and short term socioeconomic changes, these two factors, at least,

have precipitated an additional signifier of human need. 

There is a new dynamic consideration upon us.

Often either through choice or circumstances individuals find themselves in situations where there is a need for significant changes in their life. Confronted with crisis on one hand, or great success in the other, and  with the reality of a  greater part of a life ahead of them, they find themselves addressing questions about their past, and their projections for the future. For many, this can be quite troubling, and confusing. When in fact this is a natural, and normal consideration of what it means to be human, and enjoying a long and satisfying life.

It is in these times that the desire to connect with: a larger consideration of the nature of true satisfaction, in career, and relationships, both personal and on a larger more universal scale, emerge.

In the work I do as a Mentoring adviser, I work with you to connect with the possibility of a satisfying, meaningful future. Moving you forward and integrating your evolution from dependence to independence to the satisfaction only interdependence can give you.

The first half of your life may have been devoted to garnering the approval of “the tribe,” your parents, or proving yourself a solid citizen, a taxpayer, a parent to your own children. Having realized success, without much personal satisfaction as a result, Jungian psychologist James Hollis suggests; what you yearn for is the discovery of what “the gods intended through you.”

The desire for emergence of your authentic Self

Sometimes chafed and bruised in the battles fought for causes not your own, you unconsciously seek reconnection with the Self that speaks to you only rarely, and often in the wee hours of the night when fatigue prevents you from continuing the masquerade that hides the questions you’re not willing to face.

You might  find yourself addressing one or more of the following questions.

What has brought you to this place, this moment in your life?

What forces, what family, what social environment, what information, has framed your reality, perhaps supported, perhaps constricted it?

Why, even when things are going well, do things not feel quite right?

Why does life seem a script written elsewhere, and you barely consulted, if at all?

Why have you come to this site, or why has it come to you, now?

Why does the idea of having the life you dream of trouble you, and yet feel familiar as a long lost companion?

Does the life you are living seem only a fragment of what it could be if you were really "free?"

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Imagine deeply knowing the answers to all of these questions, so much so that they just didn’t didn’t come up.   And if someone asked you, you would intrinsically know the answers, and could offer them a glimpse into your own life as a model for them.

Let me help you answer the question below.

Click the question and get THE ANSWER….

Why now is the time, for YOU to answer the call, the invitation to your second, larger, meaningful life?

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