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Zombie Attack Sighted

The news is all abuzz this week about the naked face eating “zombie” attacking in Miami. All I can say is, “you can’t make this stuff up.”  At the same time I am neither shocked nor surprised.  It was only a matter of time. Low quality food, indoctrination masquerading as education, brain chewing pharmaceuticals, and all manner of synthetic chemicals that destroy brain tissue leaving you with only the primitive remnants of your  “reptilian brain.”  

So I followed a couple of news threads as my curiosity got the better of me. I begin to reminisce about my childhood.

Like the author, Steven King, I had a thing going for horror movies…… House on Haunted Hill, Frankenstein, Dracula, the Blob,  Swamp Thing……. I had a neat little stack of a mostly pictorial magazine named “Famous Monsters of Filmland.”

Old Monster MagazineHere’s one with a cover shot of the great, Vincent Price. In the 50’s the horror movie was in it’s childhood mostly low budget, suspense movies with hackneyed scripts and very creative make-up artistry. The productions challenged the audience. You have to use your imagination. We horror movie fans had to be willing to go along, and those of us who “enjoyed the genre,” that’s a joke, I didn’t even know what a “genre” was then, I was eight years old, and you become fascinated by the effects.

I nagged my father to take me to see “House on Haunted Hill” because I heard that a skeleton would “fly around the movie theater” in one of the scary parts. Yes…..there was a skeleton, and it did make an appearance, but it wan’t much scarier than watching old Mrs, Green hang laundry on the pulley style clothesline outside her window.

This naked “zombie” face eater guy though…..something else is going on here. So I dug a little deeper, and it turns out, they say, “maybe he was under the influence of some relatively new legally attainable substance that “contains two powerful stimulants: methylenedioxypyrovalerone (or MDPV) and mephedrone, which mimic cocaine, LSD
and methamphetamine.”  Amazingly, this stuff is readily available online, and for that matter it might be available in the same place I by my occasional lottery ticket.

So the question comes up for me……Why do we humans like to get high?

“Why do we like to get so high that we dissemble conventional reality and give vent to any number of variations of what stuff around us actually means, and then act as if it true?


Isn’t it fascinating that we can?

Stay with me here. That last question is the one I’d like to focus on.

Isn’t it fascinating that we interpret sensory data and create “reality” from the things we see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and which rub up against us, and then make “stories” about what the data means, and take action accordingly? 

It fascinates the hell out of me. We are born to do just that…every day, all the time…it’s what we call being conscious. As much as it makes us unique in the animal world…sometimes we have a strong desire to change it, control it, or completely shut it off……unconscious.

It’s why I got interested in hypnosis in the first place.

You see hypnosis is not what you probably think it is – yet it’s everything you’re looking for.

It seems to me humans spend a lot of time and money “getting out of their minds”……..usually through the use of brain numbing, or in some cases sensation heightening substances and activities like,………sex……drugs, alcohol….and you got it,….rock and roll.  There are others, “workaholism”  for instance……… many of which are highly addictive and destructive. They upset the neurological balance, and create altered brain states when we engage them, and the rebound effect of our brain seeking equilibrium is the result that we call being “high.”  

And we like it.

Until we don’t. We want to stop it, change it, or someone around us doesn’t agree with it.

These substances and activities generate billions of dollars of both legal and illegal economic activity. We spend billions of dollars on substances and activities that temporarily allow us to create brain states of imbalance, and the we spend another part of our time and money wondering why we aren’t as effective, happy, attractive, rich, successful,,,,,as we think we need to be. Essentially seeking the balance we just paid someone to take away from us.

Hypnosis is not what you probably think it is – yet it’s everything you’re looking for.

You want balance, we do that with hypnosis. Deep relaxation hypnosis brings the nervous system into perfact balance faster than any meditation technique, or drug.

You want numb…you can do that. Pain management is unsurpassed for those who practice hypnosis, and can be easily learned,

You want excitement….yep. Your mind has the ability to create all kinds of scenarios. And with the right suggestions you can experience all the sensations of hang gliding or driving a race car,with no equipment, wires or funny 3D glasses. You do it every night when you dream, try it when you are awake.

You want lucid Dreaming….what do you think hypnosis is?

You want to have hallucinations….hypnosis. You’re doing that all the time too.  You call it “conventional reality.”Beautiful waterfall

You want to forget….hypnosis can easily create profound amnesia.

All done with your permission, and your permission only. And you can easily stop it, change it, and utilize it consciously.

The really great part, is once you get this, and can use your mind the way it was designed to be used…………..and you become limitless.

You can easily learn to do it. All you have to do is commit a relatively short amount time and decide that you want to get off the merry-go-round of buying in to what other people want you to do with your life, and you become limitless, creative, effective, flexible, and in control of the experiences you have, regardless of what is happening around you. All you have to do is decide…..say yes to the experience of becoming fully human, in a way. Using more of what you were

Like your personal computer…is made to do a lot more stuff than surf the web, and play games. Your computer is capable of storing and retrieving data with lightening speed. It can do sophisticated calculations in nanoseconds. When was the last time you asked your PC to perform at it’s limits?

I know it might be difficult for you to fathom, so I invite you to experience hypnosis….and what you are capable of……….just because you’re human….. first hand.

Just call me….I’ll make it really easy for you.

Now come all the way back to the story about the naked “zombie” face-eater in Miami…… now you can begin to have a clearer understanding of what goes on in the mind, and what’s “out of balance”… you can feel better knowing there is a way to bring it all back……..into balance.

Hypnosis is not what you thought it is – yet now you’re beginning to believe it’s everything you’re looking for. That’s right

Mark Schwimmer CH, CI

PS..Call me for an introductory hypnotic experience……….

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Yes….I am serious it’s everything you’re looking for.    Here’s more information










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