Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking – Use Hypnosis To STOP SMOKING Now

Enough is Enough!

The time is NOW. Decide to stop smoking today.




$12.50 a pack?!                      Have A Smoke? No, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you smoke

1 pack /day =$4,637.5/yr

2packs/day = $9,275/yr

Put at least $4637 in Your Pocket NOW, and LIVE TO ENJOY IT!!

Even celebrities did it Stop Smoking with Hypnosis:

SHE DID IT  – Actress Winona Rider uses hypnosis successfully to Stop Smoking

HE DID IT – Actor Matt Daemon Stops Smoking Using Hypnosis

Ellen Degeneres DID IT right on her show~!

Enough reasons:

  • Save money to buy other things for yourself or for your family,Save your health, live longer, experience beauty around you, move faster, control your emotions better, enjoy life independently, taste your food, smell better, smell the ocean, flowers, your wife’s perfume, rain in the air, etc.
    • a new suit, bag, shoes,
    • a vacations or
    • a new car,
    • better schools for your kids,
  • Save your emotions, enjoy life, get  a grip on yourself, your life, your career, your dream, begin living your dream now. There is no other time.

The other day a man called our office, asking to book a session to stop smoking. I asked, How do you know you want to stop smoking, he said: “My wife told me.” I said, “Call me when YOU decide to stop smoking, not your wife.”

Stop Smoking Now, Make your decision and make your appointment.

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If it is not money that is important to you, because you know you could have bought a car and went on vacation with the money you spend on cigarettes;

If it is not health, because you know that you are killing yourself, your children, and your loved ones around you with your second hand smoke;

If it is not image, because you definitely don’t look “cool” with a cigarette in your mouth  or in your hand, leave alone the smell and the cough, urrghhh!

Than what IS important to you?

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Stop Smoking in one session with Mark or Morrin

Stop Smoking for Good, the Natural Healthy Organic Way

You’ve probably imagined what your life will be like when you quit smoking.

You’ve envisioned . . .

  • The money you’ll save on each pack of cigarettes. . .quit now, if you smoke more than a pack a day; put away the money…in less than a year you’ll have earned a Caribbean Cruise…..a week in Aruba, a few days in Europe…..fill in your own dream
  • The years you’ll add to your life as your health risks decrease . . . can you see yourself dragging the oxygen tank on the cart behind you?
  • The rush of increased natural energy and good health as you feel better than you have in years . . .
  • The powerful sense of accomplishment at achieving a life-changing goal . . .
  • The satisfaction of becoming a new person . . . the person you want to be.


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"Mark, the work you did for me was what I needed.  The presentation went extremely well, and my segment was a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Virginia, 48, Sr. ad executive, Manhattan

"I had not expected this approach but this is exactly  what I needed." Lisa, Manhattan Social Worker, 25

"Morrin, What you do in your sessions is very valuable.  You are exceptional in doing it. Yes, "exceptional" is the right word to describe it. Your presentation is very very detailed and tailored to target just exactly what I need to work on..."
Kevin C., 45, Banker

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