Practical Uses of Hypnosis

What is hypnosis good for?

There are many benefits and uses for hypnosis, and using trance.

You know, you have a resource for managing the part of you that is responsible for every aspect of your life. Your mind is the leader, the motivator, the creator, the visionary, the organizer, and the executor of your life.  At the same time it can be a painfully limiting, and constraining force as well. The human mind is the most highly evolved organ on the planet. We are, up to now the epitome of design for survival on the planet, perhaps in the universe.

We have figured out ways to live in almost every area of the globe, and we have designed means of transportation and survival all the way to the depths of the ocean, and the far reaches of the moon. It won’t be long before we have established colonies, and regular space travel beyond the moon.  All we need is a reason, and a desire, and the human mind will enable us to achieve it.

There is no other animal on the planet that has the ability to adapt technology to the visions it holds in imagination.

At the same time the human mind is capable of creating the reality of mass destruction and misery, on a personal and a global level. The power of the human mind cuts both ways, and in order for you to utilize the amazing power of your mind it is important to either know how to, or have a reliable resource to facilitate you in adapting and achieving what you want.

We at New York Awareness Center believe that the use of hypnosis is the best tool for creating high performance results, being able to create desirable, balanced outcomes that can assure a place for humanity, far into the future.

That’s the big answer.

Hypnosis could be the quickest, most reliable means of updating the human mind to meet all the challenges of the present, and the future. Hypnosis could be both a software, and a hardware generator, that can play a significant part in the survival of future generations.

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Popular Uses Of Hypnosis Today

Stress Management HypnoBirthingtm Smoking Cessation
Weight Management Confidence & Self-Esteem Assertiveness
Performance (all areas) Focus & Concentration Memory Enhancement
Pain Management Self-Hypnosis Forensic Investigation
Unwanted Fear Responses Motivation Goal Setting and Execution
Mentoring Coaching Transpersonal Hypnosis-LBL & PLR

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