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Does Hypnosis Work?  —  All you need to know

The only thing you really need to know about hypnosis is, it works.  And what I am about to explain, will easily lead you to that conclusion.

Through the years, many great efforts to explain hypnosis, what it is and what it does, have been made. It’s only in the last twenty years or so that scientists using diagnostic equipment; MRI’s and CAT scans, have been able to locate and measure brain activity.  As a result they are beginning to be able to define what happens during hypnosis.All this confirming research is a very rewarding for anyone who has already worked with hypnosis, and has experienced the power of the mind. That power is available to everyone.

Hypnosis is a way of describing and discussing the natural occurrences of the human mind. When the mind focuses in a very narrow channel, like when you read a book, watch a movie, or do any activity where there is a focus of attention, what your mind does all by itself in these settings is called “trance.”

Trance is the experience of the minds ability to expand awareness all the way out, to consider the road far into the distance and beyond, and as well, to narrow it’s focus all the way down to a heartbeat or a single thought. Trance is the ability to imagine something in the future, like a beautiful house, with a lawn and a garden where only a vacant lot exists today.

You can easily experience trance when someone says a single word that triggers your imagination.  If you have been to Paris, read a book or seen a movie about Paris, and I say “walking on a starlit evening along the banks of the Seine.”  You can be momentarily swept into imagining the sights and sounds of walking along the Seine on a starlit evening. It may even be happening now as you’ve read these words.

If you’ve ever observed two people who are in a crowded perhaps noisy place, a restaurant, or a waiting room, or while waiting in their seats for a movie to begin, and you can tell they are deeply interested in each other. You notice they have become so focused on each other, that everything else in the room has become completely unimportant. For them, there is only that one other person, and the sound of the voice they are tuned in to. There may be others nearby, but the only awareness of these two people is on the other. They are not even aware you are watching. You may realize each is attending to not only the words of the other person, you see that they are tuned in to the movement of the others lips, the shape and color of the eyes, the facial expressions. If one leans in, the other leans in to match the movement. This is a hypnotic trance. They are having a hypnotic experience. They are having a singularly focused experience, attached to the other person, and detached from all the noise and movement around them. They may be consciously aware that they are having a conversation, but a much stronger, complete subconscious impression is taking hold and creating a deeper connection.  Perhaps you have had an observation like this. Perhaps as you read this paragraph, you were transported in your own mind, to another place for just a few minutes, as you revivified the scenario suggested here.

This is hypnotic trance.

Inside and Outside

What we do know is that your mind is constantly shifting it’s focus from one thing to another, on the outside world, and inside to your thoughts and feelings, real and imagined.  When you experience hypnosis with a hypnotist, you learn to adjust your actions and your focus so that you can take more control of what you do, and the experiences you have. Hypnosis actually enables you to be more in control of the your thoughts and your actions.

In a way you can say that your mind is constantly experiencing differing levels of activity, most of which fall into the category called trance. When people find themselves doing unwanted behaviors like smoking, overeating, nail biting, they are most often not fully in control of their behavior. They are often not even aware either that they are doing the behavior, or what is triggering their response to do the behavior.  Often people express that they “find” themselves: with a cigarette in hand, or sitting in front of TV eating. Or they consciously know they don’t want to smoke or eat in that moment and they are doing it anyway, as if someone else is in control of the activity. Experiences you call fear, sadness, joy, confidence, are ideas….beliefs associated with bodily sensations, and your responses, and thoughts about them are learned, and habituated.

Your mind is in control of your experiences, and you have the capacity to be in control of your mind. It requires learning something about the magnificent being your are. Knowing you can easily do all of these thing simply, you can just as simply know that whatever you want for yourself, whatever changes you believe would make your life more satisfying, fulfilling, successful, are possible.

When you work with a us you will be able to quickly and easily generate more desirable behavior, and you will update your inner “programs” eliminating unwanted behavior, and replacing it with a different, more effective way of being.

Bottom Line
Hypnosis Works, it’s about using the natural ability of your mind to learn appropriate responses in the world you experience.

Let us provide the environment for you to learn how to use your conscious mind to create, to build your future. It would be our honor.

All the best,

Mark Schwimmer and Morrin Bass

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