Attention…there’s a word for it in every language

……….it’s demanded of us everywhere we go, and it’s the command that’s used just before a set of instructions is delivered. “attention, the automated walkway is ending please step off with care.”  “Ladies and gentlemen please give me your attention….what I am about to show you will delight and amuse you..”

“It’s no surprise that “attention” used as a command gets……your attention……

Directing your attention to a particular point means moving it from wherever it was to another place and having it come to rest there…..waiting ……….. the promise is that what comes next…. serves your needs, desires….curiosity.  Until it doesn’t, and you withdraw your attention and move it somewhere else.

Some folks wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “today I am going to put all my attention on the presentation I am preparing.” They organize everything they do from the standpoint of attending to the data needed to accomplish that, and excluding everything else.

Others wake up on the same day without a “conscious attention focusing direction.” and allow their attention to be pulled in whatever direction the stimulation is most compelling in every given moment.

I am loathe to say one of these two examples is better than the other. Both scenarios are useful under different circumstances…in my opinion, some kind of balance and flexibility, coupled with a combination of appropriate sobriety and lightheartedness create useful and satisfying outcomes. Put days, weeks, months and years of this formula together, and you can create a highly functional, immensely satisfying, congruent life. Regardless of what is going on around you, even when that is out of your control

Many people are searching for something they describe as missing.

What’s missing?

In order for you to perceive that something is missing, you may be experiencing a sense it was in your possession at some point.
“I had it, and I lost it.”  “I knew where it was, but I can’t find it now.”

Some folks have a vague sense that there is “more” to life than what they are experiencing. It feels to them, they are missing either something they had, or something they imagine someone else has. When they “imagine” actually having it, they experience satisfaction. The experience is visceral, even though it is stimulated in their imagination.

When you imagine yourself having something, or someone that is highly satisfying to you, you are using your “attention” in a particular way.

Here’s a short exercise:
Now, slowly……. go ahead and take a few seconds…now……… to imagine yourself having an experience you imagine would be most satisfying to you.  That’s right….pull out all the limiters and indulge for a few seconds

Now again………this time take thirty seconds, and go back and imagine it once more…………. Very good

For some of you this was very easy, and I daresay enjoyable……..for others it held varying degrees of difficulty.

Because you are following along here, you are learning to use your “attention” in a way that may be different than you’ve consciously used it before, and this means that you are beginning to change the way you understand what attention actually is.  As you move your attention with an intention or purpose, you learn more and more that you can do it.

Today I had a short phone call with a potential client.  She expressed that she is “having trouble choosing what to do with her life.”  What’s interesting is that she is has traveled and read a lot, and she is married.  What’s obvious to me is that she is actually making choices. So where’s the problem?

I asked her if she is dissatisfied with the “results” of the choices she’d been making.  Remember, choosing to do nothing is a choice, and choosing to entertain or not choosing to entertain particular thoughts is also a choice. You see she makes her choices in good faith, both consciously and unconsciously, it’s just that the results of those choices aren’t giving her what she wants.

This is an error in learning, not any kind of disorder.

The model she is using to construct reality is flawed, therefore ineffective at generating the satisfaction she expects from life.

What she wants is the ability to be in balance, connected to “divinity”(her word) and able to take action to generate specific results that are satisfying to her, and effectively create the experiences, i.e., relationships, career, health and wealth, that endlessly support her connection with “divinity.”(her word)

Essentially, “having it all”

When I verbalized that for her, she told me it was exactly what she wanted. Which means, she had the experience of having all that intact, even if for just a moment, as she checked internally to make sure it was all there. That is her “Somatic Signature”

Now, in order to be able to sustain that, she would have to learn how to use her “attention” in an ongoing way, and she would know how to access, and sustain it through time, and she would be balanced and connected on the inside, as she made choices which generate results in the world, and because thay are a match and fit for her when she is balanced and connected on the inside……….over and over and over again, she experiences true connection and satisfaction in her life, on her terms.

Discover your Somatic Signaturetm, it’s the gateway to having it all.

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All the best,

Mark Schwimmer

PS…Feel free to ask questions or comment below.


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  1. T
    9 years ago


    I love the elegance and clarity here. As I sit here my attention from my sore throat, too hot and achy I move. My attention goes to being more ease in my breathing, letting go and finding relaxation. It’s the same and it’s completely different. This short piece has it all I’n many ways…..

    • admin
      9 years ago

      Great Tivo,

      Glad to hear you got some relief by just attending to your attention, and shifting your awareness. When you learn to do this attention shift, and change the story you are telling yourself, you are free and creative.


  2. cwcmoore
    9 years ago

    This is a simple and elegant piece that really offer something of great value.

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