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Mark Schwimmer is the leading mentor/coach for individuals who through circumstance or choice find themselves in need of clarity around change that is taking place in their life, often around vocation and relationships. Mark focuses his attention on providing an informed conversation that individuals desire when their sense of personal satisfaction falls short of their expectations, and a new perspective on the direction they would like take in life begins to emerge. His years of experience in business, mentoring and consulting make him a well-spring of ideas and insights, that many have come to drink from and received satisfaction.

Mark is a caring professional who offers his clients an opportunity to confront a necessary rite of passage to the “second half” of life when the desire to “quench ones thirst for meaning” overrides the need to gain the approval of others.  His sincerity, and passion for his work, and his depth of knowledge, and experience sets him apart from others in the mentor/coaching arena.  His “mercurial wit,” is refreshing and powerful as he uses story and conversation to elicit deep truths as his clients move through their personal journey to satisfaction, “what’s next.”

Trained in hypnosis, NLP, and a Master Facilitator of the MythoSelf(tm), Soma-Semantic Model(tm), Mark leads each of his clients to their Somatic Signature(tm). They experience a realization; a position where their life works exquisitely, regardless of where they are or who they are with.  He is a master at teaching his clients to make great decisions, especially in times of stress, or urgency, often present as life changing needs arise. He is President of the New York Awareness Center, and runs numerous programs, professional trainings and workshops around the world. 

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"Mark, the work you did for me was what I needed.  The presentation went extremely well, and my segment was a success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Virginia, 48, Sr. ad executive, Manhattan

"I had not expected this approach but this is exactly  what I needed." Lisa, Manhattan Social Worker, 25

"Morrin, What you do in your sessions is very valuable.  You are exceptional in doing it. Yes, "exceptional" is the right word to describe it. Your presentation is very very detailed and tailored to target just exactly what I need to work on..."
Kevin C., 45, Banker

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